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Our little family decided to go overnight camping.

Just the three of us.

To relax.

I can hear you laughing all the way over here.

Yes, I thought that I would relax by frantically buying groceries 45 minutes before I wanted to leave, doing laundry, rushing all over the house to get our stuff together, then trying to fit it all in our car (no more kids for us, they won’t fit!), so we can drive for 2 and a half hours (Google told us 90 minutes! They didn’t account for my lack of navigational skills apparently), during those two and a half hours Buddy Bear screamed like he was dying for a good 60 minutes, WITH.NO.BREAKS. And then we finally got to the camp site and we couldn’t setup our tent because there was approximately 62 bazillion feet of pure gravel/concrete/un-penetrable mass under the tent spot. Tempers flared. And then we had smores. For supper. And slept on the cold, hard, unforgiving ground that costs $25 dollars a night.

That’s my idea of a relaxing family vacation, how about yours?

I have learned many things from our little adventure. I will share several with you.

In list form of course.

I love lists. I may have said this 17 times before.

Its still true.

Because Buddy Bear is at/nearing the age where I need to be an intentional parent and not just a diaper-changer/milk-dispenser, this list will include a moral. Kind of like a fable, but without any talking foxes.

1. I am terrible at packing. For example, I planned to make breakfast burritos, but forgot the spatula for the scrambled eggs, salt & pepper and all the condiments for said burrito.

Morale of the story: Make a list and check it twice. Or delegate someone else to do the packing. Someone not in my family, because Mr. Man forgot the pillows…

2. Which brings me to my second point. You can never have too many diapers. This was our first overnight trip with Buddy Bear (I know, I like to make things hard on myself) so I wasn’t sure how many diapers I would need. So I packed 16 diapers for the less than 24 hours that we were going to be gone. I only changed Buddy Bear about 6 times. But those extra pre-folds I packed? They are excellent jack of all trades, because they ¬†also served as makeshift pillows (not the best idea), impromptu diaper changing pads and even stood in as oven mitts (forgot those too).

Morale of the story: You can always use extra diapers, so bring ’em along.

3. Babies (at least my baby) love camping! So many things to see, smell and TASTE. At one point I had to dig a 1 inch rock out of Buddy Bear’s mouth because he thought it would taste good. But he thought everything else was absolutely fantastic!

Morale of the story: Next time bring a playpen to contain the little guy. Or just expect his diet to include more minerals…


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