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I thought about it and here are my ideas on how to get a “new” maternity wardrobe without blowing your child’s education fund (you can do that later when you plan a trip to Hawaii because the crazy no-summer weather is making you….crazy).


Simple enough. Convince a good friend or sister that is roughly around your size to have a baby 9 months before you get pregnant and then beg to use her clothes. Especially if she has good taste in clothes. That’s how I dressed myself in college…a few good roomies with excellent clothes and a generous spirit. My little sis Andg and I have made this system work for us. I got pregnant with my Boo, 9 months later she was pregnant with her Buddy Bear, a year after that my second is on the way. We just pass our boxes of maternity clothes back and forth, adding a little as time goes by.

Also, I have some awesome friends who are either done with their child bearing ways or are on a break from child bearing that have offered me the use of their wardrobe. WIN! I love having good friends 🙂 Or you can mention on facebook that you need maternity clothes and do a sad smiley face 😦 maybe somebody will give you some.


(This is totally not a maternity shirt but a cute loose flowing top that I absolutely love wearing when pregnant! And yes, I am making cupcakes. Baby likes to eat!)

From your old wardrobe. Remember that shirt you bought but never wore after a co-worker asked you how far along you were? Now is the time for that shirt to shine! And those comfy elastic waist skirts, best thing for summer. My favourite way to borrow more time out of my “pre-pregnancy” clothes is that fancy dancy why-didn’t-I-think of that Bella Band.

A stretchy bit of tube shaped fabric that you can wear over your regular pants so that you don’t have to do up the fly. I think that little number bought me 7 months of pregnancy use out of plain old clothes. Another bonus? You can wear your long t-shirts with the belly band underneath so you don’t get awkward stretch mark sightings. It also keeps that precious cargo from getting cold when your other clothes are wanting to ride up.

Yes, also borrow your husband’s clothes. Especially cozy sweaters and t-shirts. Just do it. I don’t think there is a pregnant woman alive who has never been caught in hubby’s shirt.


But not from another preggers! There is something drastically wrong about the idea of one pregnant woman stealing clothes from another pregger. But get yourself a STEAL of a DEAL! *Ba dum ching!* Best way to do that? Let somebody else pre-wear your clothes for 9 months and then snap them up. The markdown on used maternity clothes is amazing. Especially considering the clothes are worn for maybe 18 months (usually less).

My fave way to find a sweet deal is websites like www.kijiji.ca

Some sweet lady out there has had a baby and bought herself some trendy clothes and now she doesn’t need them anymore. Oh wait! I can help you.

It’s not a fast process. You have to shop around and keep your eyes peeled for a couple months until *boom* you spot an ad and the clothes just speak to you in a pregnancy-induced hormonal way. You email her and ask what size she was pre-pregnancy and all of a sudden you have found a preggo-twin with similar taste and body shape.

You go to her house with a handful of cash, you bond over babies and bellies, coo at her little one and then low-ball her and haggle a good deal. Admit it. It has to be done!

Most kijiji clothes are pretty cheap already. Maybe $5-10 per piece. If somebody thinks their clothes are awesome they might try to scam you with $20+, just walk away. And check back in a week when they realize they can’t sell them for that. Lot deals will always give you more clothes for your moola but also run the risk of being shackled with an awkward pair of beige pleather maternity pants (seriously?)

For anywhere from $100 to $250 you can pick yourself up a whole new wardrobe that will keep you feeling cute and feminine for at least 7 out of 9 months!

That just might leave room for a few “luxury” items, favorites from a real store. But don’t buy those full price either! Always clearance. Always.

*Phew* instead of spending $1098, you spend $250.

Money saved: $848

That will go a long way towards Boo’s aspirations to be a princess.

How have you saved money on maternity clothes? Elfreda had a great idea to sew your own. I wish I could do that!

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