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Earlier this week I stumbled upon a series of “10 Small Things” by Amanda at I am Mommy. Just a list of 10 things that make her life better, improve it in some way or that she is grateful for. What a great idea! While I like to play the lazy card, A LOT, I really do want to be a good mommy to Buddy Bear and be intentional about the things I teach him. Like being grateful. So I’m totally stealing Amanda’s idea.

With props.

And also shortening it down to 7.

Because I’m a sucker for aliteration.

If only I could think of a S word for “Things”.

That’s not “stuff”.

I already thought of that, and “7 Simple Stuffs” does not bode well with me.

Any other suggestions?


My fans. We had our first hot week and have already pulled out our fans. Its only 30 degrees (Celsius, I can’t do Fahrenheit.) but I am already cooking!


This little $8 gizmo allows me to take Buddy Bear driving without him losing it completely. I don’t know if he knows its him in the mirror or if he just thinks there’s another baby in the car with him, but either way it means peace in the car. Also I can do a quick rearview mirror check and see if he’s sleeping yet which also rocks.


My library card. Call me a nerd, but I love having this thing. Right now Buddy Bear and I are devouring (figuratively and literally unfortunately) 25 books that we didn’t have to buy. That’s at least $100 dollars worth of books, maybe even more! Love it, I think you should get one too!


Buddy Bear’s cloth diapers. I’m not a fanatic, but only because that takes too much work. But I love, love, love having my little boy happy and comfortable. And that is possible because his cloth diapers are so much easier on his super sensitive skin.


Alberta’s Health Care System. Say what you want about Canada’s health care system (*cough* Mr. Man *cough*) but I needed to get a doctor’s note for the job I’ve applied for, and I called them on Tuesday, and had the medical done on Wednesday. I like that!


See that? That’s naptime. I love it. Buddy Bear is not the most consistent sleeper ever, but he always has at least two naps and I have the option of napping with him, working on my to-do list (right…) or most often just putzing around on the computer.


The non-dairy world. Before Buddy Bear’s milk allergy, I thought all those dairy-free products were expensive and the domain of vegans and well, vegans. Boy was I wrong! Well true, they are still expensive (2L for $4, ouch!) but they also mean that I can still have some of ‘my normal’ food, like smoothies, cupcake frosting, pancakes. You know, normal stuff. I will be the first to admit that Cheerios and coconut milk are not the same as their dairy alternative, but a rice milk pancake? I can’t tell the difference! So thank you to the non-dairy producers for making expensive non-milks for me and Buddy Bear. I will put you in my next 7 Simple Things again if you could please lower your prices. Thanks.


What are you grateful for? Am I the only one who has to take a conscious effort to be grateful?


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Not Mr. Man, but today you can pretend. Tomorrow, a new fake photo!


Our mother has frequently reminded Penny and I how fortunate we are to have husbands who are involved in our kids lives. Its true! I have frequently reminded Mr. Man that he is not allowed to die before me, because I don’t want to have to do everything on my own.

Now Mr. Man has a job where he works most weekends. By that I mean he works 95% of the weekends in a year. Just the reality of his line of work. But a perk of his schedule is that his day off is always weekday, which means that when we’re celebrating our holidays a day late, we don’t have to fight the crowds to do what we want. No one’s at the park the day after Father’s day, or getting in our way at the grocery store the day after Thanksgiving (which by the way, is celebrated on the 1st weekend of October in Canada). Its usually a pretty sweet arrangement.

So while everyone else is celebrating their dads today, Buddy Bear and I are hanging out by ourselves, waiting for Mr. Man to finish work so we can celebrate properly. Any ideas on what we should do?

I’m kidding!

I totally have something planned for Father’s day.

While when you say ‘planned’, you mean a tentative idea, right?

Because I totally got that.

Yeah, ok so I made Mr. Man tell me in explicit detail what he wants to do and I’m going to follow it to the ‘T’, ok?

I’m just not a good gift-giver, surprise-anything kind of person.

Are you a good surpriser/gift-giver?

So, while I am not good at doing surprise type things, do you know what I AM good at?


I love lists. They’re pretty much my love language I think…

Behold, the sappy list of why I’m glad Mr. Man is Buddy Bear’s daddy.

1. Because I suck at wrestling and rough-and-tumble play. I try, but he is just much better than me.

2. He has killer genetics. I mean, look at him! Tall, dark and exceedingly handsome! Why wouldn’t I want Buddy Bear to have a share of those genetics? (Besides, Buddy Bear needs something to offset my fair/pasty and gangly side of his genetics)

3. He works so hard to take care of me and Buddy Bear. Hence the ‘day off’ instead of a typical 2-day weekend.

4. He is following his dreams right now, and I know that when Buddy Bear is old enough to start thinking about what he should be doing, Mr. Man will encourage him to pursue WHATEVER dreams he has.

5. Because when we were young, star-crossed lovers I always said there was no one else I wanted to do life with, and its more true now that we have begun our parenting adventure.

What did you do for Father’s Day? Is there anything about your daddy/baby-daddy that you are grateful for?

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