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Smart, thrifty, baby cuddling mama/papa seeks comfortable carrier to hold baby, go lots of places, and wash easily. Preference given to carriers that are not the most expensive of the world.

Does this sound like you? Then I have a response that you’re gonna love.

You see this? This exceptionally long piece of fabric? Its gonna change your life. Not in a E-Harmony, my life is complete now, change your life. More of a baby-lugging, wallet-saving life.

Let me explain…

Required Items:

  • Very Sharp Scissors
  • Exceptionally long fabric (At least 5 yards (15 feet) though I think an extra yard would have made it easier for Mr. Man to use)
  • A friend with a discount card for fabric for extra savings(or maybe you are this person already, then nix that step)
  • A friend who has a baby in some form (or maybe  you don’t have a friend to share with, or maybe you want two carriers for yourself, or… you get the picture)
  • Instructions

I could not find the cotton knit with curling edges that the instructions suggested, mainly because I am helpless in a fabric store. BUT I did find a lightweight cotton-type material that curled on the edges (read: does not need to be hemmed). Mr. Man says it looks like the inside of his gym shorts. I said I didn’t care, because all the little holes make it way cooler than a jersey-type wrap. That’s what I said anyways, I have no proof either way. But once we bought the material we simply cut it in half lengthwise so we had two long-narrowish (about 30 inches a piece actually) pieces of fabric and we were done.

Yes, that’s it.

Ok, maybe wash it too.

Especially if your baby likes to suck on everything like mine does.

If you have 2 and a half minutes, 3 minutes if you’re a slow cutter and $20 (less if you are a better dealfinder when it comes to fabric) and you have a completely functional and super comfortable baby wrap. Perfect for schlepping that darling little one from here to there and back again. If you get a nice manly colour, then you can pawn baby off on daddy when  you are schlepping around together.


If this is your first time using a non-structured wrap, PLEASE make sure you are tying your wrap correctly before putting baby in it. There are lots of tutorials and instructions online. You can just youtube videos of the different ‘carries’ or if you are a visual/text learner like me, I found Wrap Your Baby was excellent for a step-by-step guide for tons of different carries.

Try it, see if it works for you, love it, report back.


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34.5… 36.4… 37.3… 37.4… 37.6… 37.8…

If you’ve ever taken a baby’s temperature with a thermometer you know that dreadful feeling as you hold the thermometer in place (usually with a very squirmy, sometimes fussy baby) and watch the numbers continue to rise. This was where I was last night.

Buddy Bear woke me up last night at 4am, so I semi-consciously reached to pull him in to nurse (and go back to sleep quite honestly) but as my hand touched his feverish skin I was instantly awake and in panic mode. My baby was burning up! I jostled Mr. Man to wake up and get the thermometer as I held our precious little boy. As I sat on the bathroom floor trying to hold Buddy Bear still enough to take his temperature, my mind raced with all kinds of fearful thoughts.

Why was he sick?

At what temperature does brain damage happen?

Do I give him Tylenol?

Do I let nature and his body do its thing and fight the fever without drugs?


Oh, no! His temperature is still rising! How come its still rising?

Why is it so hard to measure out baby Tylenol? This stuff should be easy to administer! Don’t they realize what kind of nutjobs will be using this? Crazy parents at 4 in the morning do not need to mess around with bubble in their medicine droppers!


As I sat with Buddy Bear on the bathroom floor and tried to get him to nurse, I flipped through my mental catalogue of The Stuff I Read Once on the Internet. Was he teething? What was it that that one blogger did when their baby was teething? You would think for all the things I read in a day, I would be able to recall something useful when I need it. But no.

But that’s why they invented Google, right?

Sometimes I wonder how people were parents before the internet. Or maybe they were better parents because they had to rely on their parental intuition and their community when their babies were down for the count, instead of the all-knowing but completely uninvolved internet…

Holding my fussy little boy I snuck back into the bedroom and jacked Mr. Man’s iPhone. If I couldn’t figure out what to do, at least I could look it up and go from there. (Yes, I was also hoping that Buddy Bear’s crying would wake Mr. Man up. If I was panicking, we could at least panic together!) Babycenter advised that a baby’s temperature naturally rose at night and gave me some numbers that I can not find now regarding when a baby technically had a fever (which were higher than the numbers our public health told me FYI). I took Buddy Bear’s temperature again, and while it was still high it was lower than it had been when he first woke up, so I tucked  him back into bed with me and decided some sleep and mommy cuddles were necessary to help him feel better.


Am I the only one who freaks out about everything in the middle of the night? What makes you panic as a Mommy? Let’s talk about it!

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Sometimes it is just better not to try. You try your best and you fail. It happens. But if you had never tried than you could always pretend that you would be Super Mommy if you tried 🙂

I had a playdate that I was going to this week. Usually we all bring a little snacky-snack (10 points to whoever knows what show has been playing in our house lately?) to share. I try to bring something either

a) healthy

 b) fun

c) yummy

d) all of the above super-awesome-mommy-of-the-year!

In my wonderful world of organization and being on top of things I like to prepare the snack the night before and then pop it in the oven first thing in the morning and show up with a plate of “fresh out of the oven” zucchini chocolate muffins. Everybody goes “oh la la! I can’t believe you were up baking already.” And I take a bow. Or I would if I wasn’t carrying a toddler, diaper bag and a plate of muffins.

It didn’t happen this week. I worked a couple days, Beardie was away for part of the weekend, Boo is fighting off the tail end of a persistent cold, sleep has been a wistful dream (as in, every night I wish I could actually sleep), we had a meltdown over cheerios all over the kitchen floor (your guess over who was crying), I haven’t been to the grocery store…recently. In a nutshell life is a gong show.

And that crazy people pleaser in me just wanted to prove that I was super Mommy, instead of just super-trying-really-hard Mom.

Desperate scrounging around in the kitchen to see if we have anything that could pass as a snack. Nope, not even a bag of chips. I devoured those over the weekend.

At the back of the cupboard I did find a “mature” box of lemon cake mix….hmmm, this could end up as cupcakes. That would be nice.

One time I threw in some frozen blueberries into a lemon cake mix and it ended up delicious. Thankfully I had the gargantuan bag of frozen blueberries in the freezer. Know what else? If I used applesauce instead of oil we might be HEALTHY! Dun dun duh! Mommy win! Take a bow. *rolling applause*

Get everything out on the counter (with 1 hour to spare before we need to be dressed, fed and out the door. Totally do-able. If I was wearing roller-skates) while juggling Boo’s pleas for “more, more, more”

“More what Honey? I have no idea what “more” you want!”

Run to fridge for the essential eggs…which I now remember we used the last one for lunch yesterday. Ummmm….

“What, more cheerios? More water? More raisins?” More sleep? Yes please!

Google search! (What did we do before internet?) “substitute egg in cake mix”

Weird things that don’t live in my kitchen like flax seed, silken tofu, apricot puree, unflavoured gelatin all came up. Not working for me.

But then this doozy popped up “replace the egg and water in a cake batter with a can of soda.”

Huh? Sounds mystical and strange…like it just might work. And in my forage through the fridge for the eggs I did discover an abandoned can of Mountain Dew. Which is lemony. Lemon cake + Mountain Dew + Blueberries + Applesauce = AWESOME! Yes?

I was desperate and ready to try anything…except for silken flax seed puree.

Here’s the line up all ready to go.

Looks innocent enough. And realistically not really healthy. Well 2 healthy, 2 not.

I tossed the blueberries with the dry cake mix first to try and prevent them from “bleeding” all over the batter (didn’t work!).

Threw in the container of applesauce (minus two bites when Boo decided the “more” she wanted was applesauce).

And cracked open a can of Mountain Dew. Only a super Mommy cracks open a can of pop before she has had breakfast. Then takes two swigs because I only needed 10 oz and the can was 12 oz. Yum! Sugar before breakfast….bzzzzzzzz.

It fizzed up in a bit of an alarming fashion. My cake batter has never fizzed before.

I mixed it all up and threw it into the “mini muffin” pans. Still with the hope that I would win the coveted Super Mommy prize.

Set the timer for 15 minutes which should give me enough time to eat breakfast and maybe get one of us dressed.

I took a tentative peek at 15 minutes only to find *ahk* what is this? Cupcake volcanoes? I left them a little bit longer hoping time and heat would heal all baking mishaps.

Nope, this is as good as it gets.

Flat topped really moist and fall apart cupcakes. *sigh* That was a fail. I scrounged around and eventually found some tostitos to bring for our playdate and left the colossal cupcake mush on the counter. Gave them some time to think about what they did and maybe to improve their appearance by the time I got home again.

At lunch I pried a little “cake-mess” onto a plate

It was surprisingly delicious! Really sweet and had a nice crispy, sugary edging. I may have eaten a few…too many. When Beardie got home he tried them too and said they were really good. Especially when he found out they were made with Mountain Dew. Who knew?

The verdict: It’s worth a try in a weird sort of twisted way. They are really sweet and yummy but look horrible. Maybe if I made them a lot smaller and let them bake a bit more they would have been presentable. Try it! I heard Chocolate cake and Coke is fun. I really prefer subbing in pie filling with cake mix. That is super yummy! But if I remember you need eggs for that. Next time Gadget, don’t forget!

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