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If I were  to pick one thing that scares me, do you know what I would pick?


No surprise. After all, in the past 8 months of being a mommy, I’ve had quite a few freakouts already. Like this one, or this one

But, those are already old news, as I’ve already discovered new things to freak out about. In fact, I have so many that I made a list. Am I the only one who does that?


  1. That I have screwed up as a mother and created a hybrid of all of mine and Mr. Man’s worst qualities. (Needy, opinionated, self-centered…)
  2. Never sleeping again. We’re in the process of stopping changing our co-sleeping arrangement and I am stalling because I remember how hard it was in the very beginning when I was up every 2 hours. I don’t know if I can do that again. Which brings me to…
  3. Having more children. I can hardly keep myself together with just 1 baby, how do people do it when they have more kids?
  4. The discipline and parenting part of being a parent. Until now my main job has been to feed and clothe Buddy Bear, but now I have to help him become a mature and responsible person who loves God and works hard and, and… *freakout* This is hard!
  5. My baby growing up. One day, very soon my baby will not be a baby but a grown up man. He’s already growing up too fast!
  6. His diet of Cheerios. I swear, some days all he eats in the solid food department is Cheerios! Yes, they’re easy to eat on the run but I have a feeling there should be more variation in his diet.
  7. That I won’t be able to love our other children as much as I love my Buddy Bear
  8. That I will never be caught up on the laundry. Seriously, I can work all day on doing laundry and the next day we have a full hamper of dirty laundry. For real?
  9. That my children will discover that my Top-Secret-Super-Delicious-Mom’s-Special-Recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies is on the back of the chocolate chip bag…
  10. Discovering that all the time Buddy Bear has spent in proximity to my laptop during our nursing marathons has given him superpowers… What? I never said it was rational!

Am I the only one that has fears like this? Is there anything that you worry about in your current stage of life?


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To torment, ahem, promote marital closeness with Mr. Man, I like to play a game where he has to choose between two things, such as

“Would you rather be an ape or a mouse?”


“Would you rather die in a car accident and Buddy Bear and I live or have Buddy Bear severely injured in an accident and you live?”

Mr. Man doesn’t like this game and usually refuses to play with me. So I usually just play by myself, asking questions of a less twisted nature like this:

“Would I rather have an allergy to wheat, or to milk?”

I always thought this was a hypothetical question, so I would usually lose interest in the game before I had to make an actual decision.

Until this happened…


Now I’m a first time mommy and a nervous wreck at the best of times, so when I saw this I fuh-reaked out! And I proceeded to call my mom, my sister, my sister-in-law AND Mr. Man with each conversation going something like this:


Me: Buddy Bear is covered in hives! I gave him a taste of my milkshake and he’s all red now! What do I do? Is he going to die? Am I the worst mother ever? HELP! Or goodness, I’ve poisoned my baby! What do I do? *hyperventilate*

Them: Its ok, just breathe. Lots of babies have allergies. Just don’t give him any more milk. *More helpful advice and calming words* It’ll be ok.

Me: Ok, I guess I’ll be fine. Thanks…

*hang up phone and frantically call next person on my list*


By the time I called Mr. Man (yes he was the 4th person on my list, he knows as much about babies as I do so he couldn’t really help) I was wildly flapping my hands and convinced Buddy Bear was going to die a horrible death right there in our living room. (Buddy Bear was oblivious to my torment and was playing happily with his toys)

After relaying the course of events that had thrown me into a whirlwind panic, I shoved my phone into Buddy Bear’s face with a “Can you hear him breathing? Is his breathing laboured? Oh it is! Should we take him to the ER?” Mr. Man couldn’t tell if Buddy Bear was breathing heavily, but he told me to wait 15 minutes and if Buddy Bear’s breathing sounded like it was getting worse to take him to ER. A pretty rational response, but I am not one to take rational advice when I am in the midst of a panic attack. So what do I do?

I convinced myself that by the time I got to the hospital (a 30-35 minute drive) after waiting the prescrobed 15 minutes, Buddy Bear will be in convulsions as his little airways have closed up.

So I completely ignored Mr. Man’s advice, threw Buddy Bear in the car and drove like a madwoman towards the hospital.

When I arrived, I go to take Buddy Bear out of his car seat and he’s UNCONSCIOUS!! Or asleep, like he is every time we drive anywhere. And a quick peek at his torso reveals that the hives have all but disappeared.

I never got inside the hospital doors.

I think that’s a good thing because I can imagine what the ER staff would think if I had rushed in with my perfectly healthy but allergic baby and insisted they give him the Jaws of Life, or whatever it is that they do when people are dying.

By the way, I know you don’t use really use the Jaws of Life in a hospital. But in my fear-addled state I might have asked for them anyways.


The Morale of the Story: Buddy Bear is potentially allergic to cow’s milk, so we’ve eliminated it from our diet and effectively answered my hypothetical question. Which means you can expect to see a lot more dairy-free recipes here and a lot less cheesecake and everything else that is delicious but full of dairy.

Also, I should not be left alone with Buddy Bear because I am a freakout mama.


What’s the biggest freak out that you’ve had as a parent?

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