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60 Second Blip

60 seconds and go!

Buddy Bear is mobile now. Translation: he never STOPS MOVING! Which meant diaper changes were next to impossible. As soon as I took his diaper off, there was a little naked butt rocketing down the hall! On light carpet. In a rented house. You see why I couldn’t just leave him to his nudist inclinations?

30 seconds.

Enter distractions.

Not so good when we’re trying to eat, sleep, or do most things. But a new (to his eyes) toy whipped out just as the diaper came off? Success!!

Buddy Bear is distracted for the 18 seconds it takes to put his prefold diaper on and I feel a little more sane.

For now.

60 seconds.


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As a mommy one of the important questions you need to ask yourself is, “What’s the minimum requirements for success in this situation?” followed closely by “How much coffee can I drink before I’m considered an addict?” While I have yet to find an answer to the second question, I am becoming increasingly adept at finding new ways to be lazy. Ahem, efficient. Because we’re friends I will share a few tidbits with you to help you in the search for more lazy and less work.

Have you ever made pie crust and been frustrated by the mess of flour all over your counter, which is now another thing you have to clean, so you grumble the whole time you’re cleaning it up and then vow to never make pie again? ME TOO! Until now that is!



What you see here is quite possibly the second laziest way to make pie. (What’s the first? Buying it already made from the store. But I am too cheap for that.) Instead of flouring your counter and making a big mess, OR fighting a slipping, sliding, quickly crumbling and tearing piece of wax paper, try this:

Take a good size (but proportionate) piece of wax paper. (You can see that I didn’t do this. How big of a pie did I think I was making???)

Lay it nice and flat on your counter.

Then tape that thing down to within an inch of its life. (This thing won’t be moving for nothing!)

Ta da!

And now when you are done with your pie crust, just pull up the tape, throw everything in the trash and you’re done!

To be even more efficient and thrifty, you can use the same piece of wax paper multiple times, so you can use it for pies, sugar cookies, basically anything that requires rolling out.

See, wasn’t that easy?


What kind of mommy tricks have you discovered to save time or money?

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