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60 Second Blip

60 seconds and go!

Buddy Bear is mobile now. Translation: he never STOPS MOVING! Which meant diaper changes were next to impossible. As soon as I took his diaper off, there was a little naked butt rocketing down the hall! On light carpet. In a rented house. You see why I couldn’t just leave him to his nudist inclinations?

30 seconds.

Enter distractions.

Not so good when we’re trying to eat, sleep, or do most things. But a new (to his eyes) toy whipped out just as the diaper came off? Success!!

Buddy Bear is distracted for the 18 seconds it takes to put his prefold diaper on and I feel a little more sane.

For now.

60 seconds.


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Earlier this week I stumbled upon a series of “10 Small Things” by Amanda at I am Mommy. Just a list of 10 things that make her life better, improve it in some way or that she is grateful for. What a great idea! While I like to play the lazy card, A LOT, I really do want to be a good mommy to Buddy Bear and be intentional about the things I teach him. Like being grateful. So I’m totally stealing Amanda’s idea.

With props.

And also shortening it down to 7.

Because I’m a sucker for aliteration.

If only I could think of a S word for “Things”.

That’s not “stuff”.

I already thought of that, and “7 Simple Stuffs” does not bode well with me.

Any other suggestions?


My fans. We had our first hot week and have already pulled out our fans. Its only 30 degrees (Celsius, I can’t do Fahrenheit.) but I am already cooking!


This little $8 gizmo allows me to take Buddy Bear driving without him losing it completely. I don’t know if he knows its him in the mirror or if he just thinks there’s another baby in the car with him, but either way it means peace in the car. Also I can do a quick rearview mirror check and see if he’s sleeping yet which also rocks.


My library card. Call me a nerd, but I love having this thing. Right now Buddy Bear and I are devouring (figuratively and literally unfortunately) 25 books that we didn’t have to buy. That’s at least $100 dollars worth of books, maybe even more! Love it, I think you should get one too!


Buddy Bear’s cloth diapers. I’m not a fanatic, but only because that takes too much work. But I love, love, love having my little boy happy and comfortable. And that is possible because his cloth diapers are so much easier on his super sensitive skin.


Alberta’s Health Care System. Say what you want about Canada’s health care system (*cough* Mr. Man *cough*) but I needed to get a doctor’s note for the job I’ve applied for, and I called them on Tuesday, and had the medical done on Wednesday. I like that!


See that? That’s naptime. I love it. Buddy Bear is not the most consistent sleeper ever, but he always has at least two naps and I have the option of napping with him, working on my to-do list (right…) or most often just putzing around on the computer.


The non-dairy world. Before Buddy Bear’s milk allergy, I thought all those dairy-free products were expensive and the domain of vegans and well, vegans. Boy was I wrong! Well true, they are still expensive (2L for $4, ouch!) but they also mean that I can still have some of ‘my normal’ food, like smoothies, cupcake frosting, pancakes. You know, normal stuff. I will be the first to admit that Cheerios and coconut milk are not the same as their dairy alternative, but a rice milk pancake? I can’t tell the difference! So thank you to the non-dairy producers for making expensive non-milks for me and Buddy Bear. I will put you in my next 7 Simple Things again if you could please lower your prices. Thanks.


What are you grateful for? Am I the only one who has to take a conscious effort to be grateful?

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Before Mr. Man and I became parents we used to look down our conventional noses at certain types of parents, saying smugly to ourselves “What hippie parents!” and “We will never do that when we’re parents”.

Humble Pie meet Andg.

Andg meet Humble Pie.

I think you two will be great friends!

You see, Mr. Man and I aren’t your typical crunchies. We recycle only because we have a recycling box right outside our back gate. We drive two cars, and we drive them A LOT. We don’t buy used (only because we’re too lazy to drive across town to the second-hand store). We don’t eat organic. In fact, the only ‘organic food’ we have are our tomato plants and we are killing those as fast as we can (we have black thumbs apparently).

But when it comes to parenting, well we have veered quite heavily into hippie territory. And not because we’ve experienced a philosophical revelation and now understand the importance of hippie living. No, it’s because being parents has helped us realize how LAZY we are!

You don’t believe me that lazy mamas and papas can accidentally become dirty, dirty hippies?

Breastfeeding: In itself not a hippie thing (though stereotypically hippies love it) or a lazy thing, but above all I do it because I’m lazy. No bottles to wash, no formula to cart from the store to the car to the house, or bottles to make in the middle of the night. Once you get over the initial breastfeeding hurdles, its always available, the right temperature and exactly what my baby needs. The perfect choice for a lazy mama like me.

Cloth Diapering: Admit it, when you think about hippie parents you think cloth diapers. And its true, cloth diapers can be better for the environment if you care about that kind of thing.  But lazy parenting? Oh yes, cloth diapering is great for lazy parents! I always run out of diapers. Like 2 or 3 times a week. So I throw a load of diapers in the laundry and after 2 or so hours of naked bum time I have a whole set of diapers ready to go again. If I had to pack a squirmy, most likely smelly, or even worst case scenario half-naked, little boy into the car and drive to the store to pick up diapers everytime I ran out of diapers, believe me, I’d be one drive short of the nuthouse! So cloth diapers have become way easier for me, allowing me to be just a tad bit lazier…

Co-Sleeping: As Mr. Man said to me earlier, “We do it, because it works!” Pre-baby we (he) were predisposed against co-sleeping. But after a series of sleepless nights of night nursing and wondering if we would Iever sleep again, I snuck the little man into our bed and slept the rest of the night with Buddy Bear tucked beside me, nursing to his heart’s content. What a relief! I didn’t have to get up every 45 minutes (yes 45 minutes, I’m not exaggerating) and actually slept for the first time in what felt like my entire life! And we’ve been sleeping together ever since, because I am too lazy to go back to the on the hour, wake-up calls.

Elimination Communication: Classic hippie territory. And us. Because I am so lazy that I don’t want to change diapers anymore, so I’m attempting to reduce the amount of diapers I have to change through a little elimination communication.

Baby-Led-Weaning: Huh? What’s that mean? It essentially means no purees (homemade or storebought), no ice cube trays of ‘baby food’. Its just giving your baby good food, yes ‘adult food’ and letting your baby explore how to eat at their own pace. Which means mama (me) puts a cooled portion of whatever we’re eating for dinner on Buddy Bear’s tray and we all eat together, and I get to eat my supper when its hot. Easy, non-conventional and yes, lazy. Also, check out this site if you are interested, I really like the way these ladies have explained the concept.


Moby Wrap available @ http://www.mobywrap.com/

Baby-wearing: This one is easy. Hippies wear babies because its good for them, and better for bonding, and yadda, yadda. I wear my Buddy Bear when I’m out and about because I can keep my carrier in the diaper bag and when I need my hands free I just whip out my carrier instead of fussing around with a heavy stroller. (If I have it, I have a knack for leaving it in the garage when I need it) So easy!

So there you have it. One or two habits by themselves are pretty harmless, I would even say normal. But throw my brand of laziness into the game and all of a sudden I’m a perfect storm of cloth-diapering/co-sleeping/baby-wearing/breastfeeding/baby-led-weaning/elimination-communicating hippie parenting!

*munch* yum… I love humble pie!

What have you said you would or would never do that you have now found yourself changing your tune? What made you change your mind?


P.S. We don’t think people who practice any or all of these techniques are actually dirty or necessarily hippies. I just think its a funny phrase. Though if you are either dirty or a hippie, that’s cool too. – love andg

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Confession: 87.3% of my parenting decisions are based on whether they will allow me to avoid more work. Case in point, elimination communication.

Day 1: I went potty shopping today and got some weird looks from the other Wal-Mart shoppers as I carried my 7 month old baby and two potties through the store. I wanted to stop them and explain that I wasn’t some wackadoodle who couldn’t let her kid be a kid and why elimination communication (EC) is a viable option for your baby. But I didn’t. Probably a good thing. I bought a European Potty for discriminating poo-ers or something like that and a cheap $5 potty seat that sits on your toilet. I didn’t think he would use that one much, but I didn’t want to have to drag our potty all over our two-storey house. Guess which potty Buddy Bear prefers?

You guessed it, the cheapo potty seat. He has his mama’s taste I think.

Having gotten our house all nicely outfitted with the appropriate potty paraphernalia, I was ready to give this a go! And surprisingly it worked! (I know, apparently hundreds of generations & cultures before me knew what they were doing, weird eh?) I watched the little man like a hawk and managed to catch all of his poos. Not so lucky with the pees, but that’s ok those diapers are way easier!

Life Lesson: I CAN do this! I bet with a little more time and practice this won’t even feel like work at all.


Day 2: Caught him first thing in the morning, and I felt like we were on a roll. Today was only going to get better than yesterday! And then we had to leave the house. BIG mistake. We came home to the exploding diaper of DOOM. I guess that’s only to be expected when he’s in his car  seat for the better part of an hour.  And it just got worse after that. I only caught him half of the time for the rest of the day. So much for that winning streak that we were supposed to be on.

Life Lesson: Pride goes before the fall. Because this isn’t as easy as it looked. But I am not going to be a quitter, so I’m sure if I just focus more we’ll get this.


Day 3: Today was a busy day and I knew it was going to be a bad one for EC. Was I ever right! I didn’t catch him all day, and I have the laundry pile to prove it. Do hardcore EC-ers just not leave the house or am I just missing something here?

Life Lesson: Never leave the house. No, that’s not what I was supposed to learn? Umm… Just say no to peer pressure potty-training?


Day 4: Was too lazy to get him to the potty first thing this morning, so as he laid next to me in MY bed I heard the result of my decision. It was a good motivator for me. Today has not been the best day ever, but we will keep trooping on and there is still a chance for my potty-training skills/sensitivity to my son/observational abilities to redeem themselves. Also, we can’t keep toilet paper on the roll anymore, its too great of a temptation for our little guy.

Life Lesson: I haven’t learned any yet, but I still have another 8 hours in my day. You can learn a lot as a parent in 8 hours!

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We’re a mommy blog, so you knew that we were going to go there, right? Babies are babies and all babies poop. There I said it. Took me three tries to say it, but now you can’t stop me.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has had this happen to them? Buddy Bear is sitting nicely on the floor playing with his toys and suddenly BAM! An up the back out the sides exploding diaper! Mr. Man and I have a diaper system of commerce and one exploder diaper is worth 2 normal diapers. FYI, I have a very LARGE surplus of diaper $ in my account, so one day I’m going to cash them in and not change diapers for like a month! One day…

So when a situation like that happens, I have two invaluable tools in my arsenal.

Because Buddy Bear is in cloth diapers, and cloth diapers stink when they are waiting to be washed, I swear by my Bummi’s Fabulous Wet Bag. Its a beautiful bag that is the same size as a full load of laundry so all of Buddy Bear’s dirty diapers , clothes, and other paraphernalia go in the bag when we’re done with them and when its full, its one fell swoop and into the washer and done. No multiple touching of nasty diapers, no sorting laundry into appropriate size ‘loads’, just perfect. But the best part of this particular wet bag is the zipper. By some amazing fairy magic, when you pull that zipper shut, you lock all that nasty baby smell in. This means that your bedroom (or wherever you keep your change table) does not smell like you have something dead under the bed. Or something else that is equally disgusting. Love it.

However, sometimes you need a little extra backup in combating the gross. Enter my favourite toy:

This little gadget here attaches to your toilet and allows you to pressure wash those diapers clean while touching the least amount of poop possible. Also, it is strangely therapeutic. But that might be just me. Anyways, I love this thing because there is no swishing of diapers in the toilet (My mom and MIL are heroes for both doing this for their kids) and when we’re all done I can sell it to another mommy in need.

However, I know that I am not the only mommy to have ever dealt with poopy nasty diapers. What are YOUR strategies for dealing with ‘stuff’? Please share and help a mommy out!

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I hate spending money on things that you throw away. Especially things that you use to wipe your baby’s bum. It kind of feels like you are wiping your baby’s bum with money. And I would never do that. Do you know where that money has been? It is probably dirtier than my baby’s bum!

Math problem: If your baby is in diapers for 2 years (I wish!) and you change 6-8 (or more!) diapers a day and each of those diapers changes require at least 1 wipe (sometimes 2 or 3 depending on the explosion quality). And maybe you are a thrifty mommy and you can find a good deal but maybe I am a lazy mommy and just go with a quick run to Wal-Mart and buy whichever wipes are the cheapest on the shelf at the moment.

 And those wipes from Wal-Mart (Pampers Soft Care baby wipes pack of 720 for $16.63) cost me 0.023 cents per wipe. By the time my sweet little (not so sweet smelling at time) Boo is ready to head off to college or has mastered independent toileting, how much money have I used to wipe her bum?And go!

I don’t know the answer yet, I am still trying to figure out how to clear the screen on my calculator. And get the 0 to stop sticking. Calculators are not toys. They are serious tools of money saving opportunities. Do not use them to distract your juice wielding toddler.

Pencils down. Can you please come to the front of the class and show your work.


(*shudder* the sight of that calculator reminds me of the horror of high school math….NO! I can never go back to that torture!)

730 (365 x2) days of diaper changing x 6 diapers a day = 4380 diapers (don’t think about it, just forget this number. But remember it later when you try and recall what you did for the first 2 years of your child’s life. Hint: It starts with a grunt and ends with a smell you can’t ignore)

1 wipe per diaper (give and take, a few more for the biggies and maybe none for just the pees) 4380 x 0.023 cents = (DUN DUN DUH!) $100.74

Actually that is not that bad. 100 smackeroos, you can spend that on one pair of shoes, or on a fancy haircut. That would just be one real fine date night OUT including a sitter. A quarter of my monthly grocery budget. My gas bill for the month. Or provide tools such as shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows for one village to grow food (https://donate.mcc.org/project/chad-growing-new-crops)

Never mind. Every little bit counts. There are much better uses for $100 than wiping my baby’s bum.

But I still got to wipe that cute little toosh. It’s a bad situation if I don’t.

If you are already using cloth diapers it is as simple as ummmmm simple as PB & J. But even simpler because PB & J requires at least 5 steps and bread and a trip to the grocery store and a knife or a clean finger.

Homemade wipes in 5 steps.

  1. Get a big pile of reusable wipes/cloths/old diaper inserts. I like the little newborn insert that came with our Bum Genius diapers. Too small to do any use for the big pees that happen now but just the right size (and nice and soft, absorbent microfiber material) for a thorough bum wiping. Best part. I already paid for them when we got our diapers so because this is their second re-incarnation they are free!
  2. Fill a squeeze bottle with water. Any sort of bottle will work. Empty shampoo bottle, dish soap bottle, water bottle. Anything with a flip top and is squeezable. In our neck of the woods the hospital sends all new mommies home with a “peri-bottle” meant for cleansing another bottom if you know what I mean. It looks like this. And is the perfect size and squeezie-ness for my little Boo’s bottom.
  3.   Squeeze some water (warm if you are feeling generous, room temperature if you have the bottle filled and sitting on your change table all day like we do. Same temperature as baby wipes! No baby wipe warmers at our joint.) onto your wipe/cloth/insert and wipe away. Repeat as necessary. If you have a particularly “fun” bum to wipe, you can drizzle a little baby soap on your wipe and then follow with a clean wet one.
  4. Toss the wipe in with your cloth diapers. Or save a stash and toss all the wipes in the wash separately.
  5. Think of some creative way to use that $100 you saved.

I love simple. I love not spending money.

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