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We just got back from an awesome vacation in the United States of America. It was great, BUSY and fun! It was also our first time travelling anywhere with Buddy Bear. Let me tell you, I was stressed! But, we survived and I even learned some helpful things for when we travel next. Or maybe even when you travel next?


The Do’s and Don’ts of vacationing with a baby

  • Don’t put a white baby in a white shirt
    • Our little Buddy Bear is a special brand of white. We liken his skin tone to clear. As we were visiting family on our vacation, a family picture was necessary. We decided to dress him in a cute little white button-up shirt. We thought he looked rather dapper and darling. Until we saw the pictures and realized that a white baby in a white shirt does not look dapper, but um, washed out and white. VERY, VERY white. Lesson learned
  • Do use an unstuffed cloth pocket diaper as a reusable swim diaper.
    • So thrifty, so very thrifty! And if you already have pocket diapers you’re like 10 steps ahead!
  • Don’t use a cloth swim diaper the day before you fly internationally
    • Nobody wants to travel with a nasty poopy diaper in their carry on. At least I don’t! Which meant a rushed load of laundry on the morning we flew out. Which we almost left in the dryer.
  • Do bring a traveling buddy with you.
    • I cannot imagine taking a baby through an international airport, trying to make a tight connection without Mr. Man’s assistance. Actually, I lied. I CAN imagine it, and it makes me want to cry.
  • Do breastfeed if at all possible
    • Plane taking off? Breastfeeding can help! Baby need help sleeping in a new environment? Breastfeeding can help! Trying to minimize the sheer amount of baggage you’ll be hauling around? Breastfeeding can help! Need I go into more detail?
  • Do bring lots of wet wipes they’re useful for more than diaper changes
    • I’m sure you can fill in the blanks for this one.
  • Do use a cloth unstructured baby carrier
    • Hello? One little (ok, HUGE) piece of fabric can be a renegade blanket, nursing cover, extra modesty provider, as well as allowing you to carry baby hands free. Done and done!
  • Don’t try to institute new sleep habits on vacation
    • All you seasoned parents are laughing at me, I know because I can hear you all the way over here! In my innocence/naiveté I planned to teach Buddy Bear to sleep in his own bed, WHILE on vacation, WHILE in a completely new environment, WHILE losing any semblance of routine/normalcy. Yeah, that was a stupid move. We ended up sleeping on the floor the whole week because Buddy Bear did not take to my harebrained scheme. AT ALL. The worst part was we were squished next to an EMPTY queen size bed the whole time, because Buddy Bear can’t sleep on an air mattress. It still stings.
  • Don’t haul all the toys in the world
    • I fretted for weeks whether Buddy Bear would have enough things to play with while on vacation. I didn’t have to worry because he had so many cousins, aunties and Gramma’s and Grampa’s vying for his attention that he was never bored. His favourite toy when he wasplaying by himself? Banging on the coffee table.
  • Do give your baby grace & time when meeting new people
    • It would be great if Buddy Bear had leapt out of my arms to embrace his grandparents when they met us at the airport. BUT. If he had been that eager to greet, essentially strangers, I think I would have died! I don’t want him walking away with the first person that calls him by name! BUT. Within a couple days, my Buddy Bear would gladly go to his Gramma and Grampa for cuddles (when mama was around, but still). Which means that I can still sleep at night.
  • Don’t expect baby’s eating habits to be the same as at home
    • It’s vacation! No one is eating like they do at home. (Hello, all-you-can-eat-shrimp-buffett)! So if Baby is eating even a smidgen of food, I’m gonna count it as a success!
  • Have fun!
    • Its vacation, its not forever! So Baby wears clothes with food stains and eats Cheerios for 3 meals in a row. No biggie. You can worry when you get home. Now, just relax and have fun. That’s why you took a vacation, right?



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Smart, thrifty, baby cuddling mama/papa seeks comfortable carrier to hold baby, go lots of places, and wash easily. Preference given to carriers that are not the most expensive of the world.

Does this sound like you? Then I have a response that you’re gonna love.

You see this? This exceptionally long piece of fabric? Its gonna change your life. Not in a E-Harmony, my life is complete now, change your life. More of a baby-lugging, wallet-saving life.

Let me explain…

Required Items:

  • Very Sharp Scissors
  • Exceptionally long fabric (At least 5 yards (15 feet) though I think an extra yard would have made it easier for Mr. Man to use)
  • A friend with a discount card for fabric for extra savings(or maybe you are this person already, then nix that step)
  • A friend who has a baby in some form (or maybe  you don’t have a friend to share with, or maybe you want two carriers for yourself, or… you get the picture)
  • Instructions

I could not find the cotton knit with curling edges that the instructions suggested, mainly because I am helpless in a fabric store. BUT I did find a lightweight cotton-type material that curled on the edges (read: does not need to be hemmed). Mr. Man says it looks like the inside of his gym shorts. I said I didn’t care, because all the little holes make it way cooler than a jersey-type wrap. That’s what I said anyways, I have no proof either way. But once we bought the material we simply cut it in half lengthwise so we had two long-narrowish (about 30 inches a piece actually) pieces of fabric and we were done.

Yes, that’s it.

Ok, maybe wash it too.

Especially if your baby likes to suck on everything like mine does.

If you have 2 and a half minutes, 3 minutes if you’re a slow cutter and $20 (less if you are a better dealfinder when it comes to fabric) and you have a completely functional and super comfortable baby wrap. Perfect for schlepping that darling little one from here to there and back again. If you get a nice manly colour, then you can pawn baby off on daddy when  you are schlepping around together.


If this is your first time using a non-structured wrap, PLEASE make sure you are tying your wrap correctly before putting baby in it. There are lots of tutorials and instructions online. You can just youtube videos of the different ‘carries’ or if you are a visual/text learner like me, I found Wrap Your Baby was excellent for a step-by-step guide for tons of different carries.

Try it, see if it works for you, love it, report back.

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This is such an easy-peasy recipe I don’t know if I should be allowed to call it a recipe. But I love it and it brings joy and happiness to my Boo.

Popsicles are so delicious! Who doesn’t remember a warm, sunny day running around and playing until you are all hot and sweaty and then running inside and getting a freezing cold popsicle and savoring the coolness dripping down your hand. Popsicles are all about summer! I need to share that joy with my little Boo! If only there was a way to have “healthy” popsicles.

I tried to find the 100% pure fruit juice popsicles but honestly those are pretty pricey and then there is the whole “rule” about not drinking more than 1/2 cup of juice in a day. Oh the rules! Why are there always rules?

Ideally I would love for us to just eat the fruit itself. That is where we get all our yummy, nummy, vitamins, nutrients and fiber from. (Hmmm, fiber is our friend).

So Apple-sicles are born.

I bought this popsicle tray from the dollar store for….you guessed it a DOLLAR! And it works great, they are just the right size for a little hand and aren’t so big that she ends up with frostbite by the end.

The easiest thing to do is to just grab a jar of unsweetened applesauce, crack it open and fill each little cup with applesauce. Pop in the little tops and VOILA! Easy-peasy apple-sicles. All fruit, all healthy, still yummy.

Sometimes I mix it up by using the different flavored applesauces. All the unsweetened ones, poor little girl doesn’t know what sweetened fruit tastes like. The little cups of Mott’s applesauce fill4 little popsicles perfectly, so each popsicle is about 30 mL or 2 TB of fruit.

These little treats were a life-saver when we were cutting teeth. The later ones anyways, once she was already eating solids. An ice cold apple-sicle really cut the “owie” for a set of 3 back molars that came through in a week. I was more than happy to keep on feeding them to her!

But then I started thinking (it is dangerous I know!)…what other yummies could we make into popsicles?

Here’s a few I’ve been brave enough to try:

Berry sicles: Apple sauce pureed with a cup of our favorite berries.

Calcium sicles: A tricky one 🙂 because of the no-dairy we give the Boo a calcium supplement. Which is kind of gross. I found that if I mix it up with a strong flavor like blueberry and applesicle then freeze it is a popsicle she thinks it is amazing! If your life includes yogurt this would be delish with yogurt and pureed whatever fruit you like.

Orange cream-sicles: An orange, a banana, something creamy, pureed and frozen.

Pretty much the gist is….puree fruit and freeze it as popsicles!

If you wanted to get a little crazy…what about throwing in a handful of spinach into the berry-sicles (see no green, taste no green) or maybe a jar of baby food carrots in the orange sicle?

What would you try? And what have you tried? And what would you recommend to never try again???

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