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Bacon. It is a foundational food in our home. Not that we eat it all that often…if every day is not that often. Just kidding 🙂 not that often at all. But bacon is one of those lovely little treats that make a weekend breakfast all the better or a Sunday evening dinner much more fun.

The thing I hate about bacon (and there aren’t many things!) is the mess it makes when you fry it. Bacon grease splatters everywhere. You get little pock marks on your arms from bacon burns. Your stove top becomes a slimy, greasy, splattered mess. Seeing as we don’t have a butler we have to clean it ourselves. It takes some of the fun out of bacon.

Have you ever seen the episode from NBC’s The Office where Michael burns his foot in his George Foreman grill? It is classic. I watch it every time I need a little chuckle.

Michael’s Foot

And then when we were done laughing we thought “you know that’s actually not a bad idea.” Because we have a busy toddler running around we are obviously not going to set up the grill beside our bed so we can wake up to the fresh smell of bacon buuuuuut once we are up it all makes sense.

Just throw a couple (and of course I mean more than just 2!) of strips of bacon on your grill.

Clamp down the top.

Flip once in the middle to ensure even, yummy crispiness. And we love our bacon crispy…that’s how we do it!

And then sit down to a plate of evenly cooked, succulent bacon. Revelling in the fact that you don’t have a huge mess to clean up AND that most of the bacon grease has drained off. That makes bacon practically a carrot stick!


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