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  I don’t know when I became a Mommy. My one friend said she knew the second she conceived…yeah, honestly I wasn’t thinking of conceiving at the time. I didn’t even know I was pregnant for weeks after. Some say it is the first moment they feel the baby move, I can’t say I even knew when the baby first moved for real and it wasn’t just a weird gas bubble. I’ve heard for some moms it is the moment you first look into your baby’s eyes. I was so exhausted and doped up when I first saw my baby’s eyes that I have no idea what I was thinking. Mostly I think it was “phew! Finally that is over. Now I can sleep.” Wishful thinking, I haven’t really slept since then.

How do you become a Mommy? Somehow I think that Mommy’s are born or made. It is not a split second moment that all of a sudden you cross the line from “normal person” to “I’m a Mommy.” Being a Mommy doesn’t just happen because you gave birth to a baby. It is a process. A long, arduous journey that starts with that life changing first morning pee.

What else in life changes who you are just by peeing on a stick? But there it is. I was too cheap to get the fancy test that announces in plain English (and French just in case you are bilingual). So I bought the more generic two lines if you are pregnant, one if you are not. It is not a good idea to base an important life changing moment on whether or not you can discern if there are two lines!

So somewhere in between peeing in the morning and deciding that “yes, that is two lines” I was aware that I was going to be a mother. But when did I become a Mommy?

It just grew on me like the little one grew in me. It started with knowing some “thing” was inside of me, giving up coffee, throwing up every morning for 3 weeks, no longer being able to eat red meat (*bleh*), not fitting in my jeans, having complete strangers rub my belly (seriously. Why?), giving up soft cheeses and sushi. Giving up so much more, a complete night of sleep, only thinking of myself, not worrying about the state of our world, feeling like I was in control. All of that was slowly stripped away and underneath what I was giving up a little part of me was able to grow. And that part that was always inside of me grew and one day I just knew. This was me, it wasn’t who I used to be and I don’t know when it happened but I know it did.

This is our story, of the cute guy who became my husband and the father of our child. Our baby, the best surprise we’ve ever had. And me, Mommy.


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