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I love my nursing cover. While I like my Porter Udder Cover, it’s not the specific cover
incites my love but the idea of a cover. Lots of moms prefer to discretely nurse their babies alfresco, hoping that people just think that their baby is just cuddled in close, because a nursing cover can come across as a flashing neon sign screaming “Hello! I’m breastfeeding. Right this
very second!”

I say, bring on the neon sign!

So, people get uncomfortable when a mother declares that breastfeeding is a good choice for a healthy baby/healthy mommy by throwing on a neon sign and using a breastfeeding cover.
Maybe its because we need to change people’s perception of what is ‘normal’ for a baby. Right
now, our generation associates feeding a baby with a bottle, not the breast. Let’s change that,
and remind our peers, our parents and particularly our children that breastfeeding wherever,
is not just ok but good.

Forget being discrete!

My Buddy Bear is always hungry, but I don’t want people to think I only feed the little guy cuddles and never give him the perfect food for his growing body. So, bring on the hooter hiders, the udder covers, and the bebe au lait’s! I’ve got a baby to feed, and I’m going to let you know that I feed him the best way I can!

*ahem* Stepping off my soap box now...


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