60 Second Blip

60 seconds and go!

Buddy Bear is mobile now. Translation: he never STOPS MOVING! Which meant diaper changes were next to impossible. As soon as I took his diaper off, there was a little naked butt rocketing down the hall! On light carpet. In a rented house. You see why I couldn’t just leave him to his nudist inclinations?

30 seconds.

Enter distractions.

Not so good when we’re trying to eat, sleep, or do most things. But a new (to his eyes) toy whipped out just as the diaper came off? Success!!

Buddy Bear is distracted for the 18 seconds it takes to put his prefold diaper on and I feel a little more sane.

For now.

60 seconds.


We just got back from an awesome vacation in the United States of America. It was great, BUSY and fun! It was also our first time travelling anywhere with Buddy Bear. Let me tell you, I was stressed! But, we survived and I even learned some helpful things for when we travel next. Or maybe even when you travel next?


The Do’s and Don’ts of vacationing with a baby

  • Don’t put a white baby in a white shirt
    • Our little Buddy Bear is a special brand of white. We liken his skin tone to clear. As we were visiting family on our vacation, a family picture was necessary. We decided to dress him in a cute little white button-up shirt. We thought he looked rather dapper and darling. Until we saw the pictures and realized that a white baby in a white shirt does not look dapper, but um, washed out and white. VERY, VERY white. Lesson learned
  • Do use an unstuffed cloth pocket diaper as a reusable swim diaper.
    • So thrifty, so very thrifty! And if you already have pocket diapers you’re like 10 steps ahead!
  • Don’t use a cloth swim diaper the day before you fly internationally
    • Nobody wants to travel with a nasty poopy diaper in their carry on. At least I don’t! Which meant a rushed load of laundry on the morning we flew out. Which we almost left in the dryer.
  • Do bring a traveling buddy with you.
    • I cannot imagine taking a baby through an international airport, trying to make a tight connection without Mr. Man’s assistance. Actually, I lied. I CAN imagine it, and it makes me want to cry.
  • Do breastfeed if at all possible
    • Plane taking off? Breastfeeding can help! Baby need help sleeping in a new environment? Breastfeeding can help! Trying to minimize the sheer amount of baggage you’ll be hauling around? Breastfeeding can help! Need I go into more detail?
  • Do bring lots of wet wipes they’re useful for more than diaper changes
    • I’m sure you can fill in the blanks for this one.
  • Do use a cloth unstructured baby carrier
    • Hello? One little (ok, HUGE) piece of fabric can be a renegade blanket, nursing cover, extra modesty provider, as well as allowing you to carry baby hands free. Done and done!
  • Don’t try to institute new sleep habits on vacation
    • All you seasoned parents are laughing at me, I know because I can hear you all the way over here! In my innocence/naiveté I planned to teach Buddy Bear to sleep in his own bed, WHILE on vacation, WHILE in a completely new environment, WHILE losing any semblance of routine/normalcy. Yeah, that was a stupid move. We ended up sleeping on the floor the whole week because Buddy Bear did not take to my harebrained scheme. AT ALL. The worst part was we were squished next to an EMPTY queen size bed the whole time, because Buddy Bear can’t sleep on an air mattress. It still stings.
  • Don’t haul all the toys in the world
    • I fretted for weeks whether Buddy Bear would have enough things to play with while on vacation. I didn’t have to worry because he had so many cousins, aunties and Gramma’s and Grampa’s vying for his attention that he was never bored. His favourite toy when he wasplaying by himself? Banging on the coffee table.
  • Do give your baby grace & time when meeting new people
    • It would be great if Buddy Bear had leapt out of my arms to embrace his grandparents when they met us at the airport. BUT. If he had been that eager to greet, essentially strangers, I think I would have died! I don’t want him walking away with the first person that calls him by name! BUT. Within a couple days, my Buddy Bear would gladly go to his Gramma and Grampa for cuddles (when mama was around, but still). Which means that I can still sleep at night.
  • Don’t expect baby’s eating habits to be the same as at home
    • It’s vacation! No one is eating like they do at home. (Hello, all-you-can-eat-shrimp-buffett)! So if Baby is eating even a smidgen of food, I’m gonna count it as a success!
  • Have fun!
    • Its vacation, its not forever! So Baby wears clothes with food stains and eats Cheerios for 3 meals in a row. No biggie. You can worry when you get home. Now, just relax and have fun. That’s why you took a vacation, right?


Avocados. Healthy, slightly exotic (at least in Canada!) without being weird, GOOD FAT!, also naturally green, and just tasty. They’re pretty much fantastic. And my favourite way to eat them?



And guacamole.

Oh and also these dee-licious tacos.

But mostly, just guacamole.


My in-laws, bless their heart, are from the south. Now when I say south, I don’t mean the REAL south. I mean the south that’s getting real close to Mexico and also California. The south that has Mexican restaurants with Irish sounding names. (Carlos O’Kelleys? Really?) The south that knows how to make good guacamole. I am glad that I am intrinsically connected to these people, because without them, I would never have had good guacamole. In fact, I probably would never have even eaten an avocado in my life to be honest, but that’s another story.

But the reason for this tangent? Because my little Buddy Bear can’t eat no milk. (I did that on purpose, I do know how to use good grammar, I just think I’m funny). And a little boy growing at the rate he is, needs FAT in his diet. (What a predicament, eh?) And a non-allergic child, well we would just stuff him/or her full of full-fat cheese, and cream in his oatmeal, and fatty yogourt for breakfast. It would be the life. But, we can’t do that. So, our pediatrician and I sat down for a brainstorming session to figure out how we can get more fat in Buddy Bear’s diet. The doctor’s prescription? More gravy. Extra olive oil on his food (Would deep-frying work?). And avocados. I wish I was this kid. He has got it made right now.

So, we tried the olive oil thing. He thought it was gross. I can’t blame him.

We’re not a meat and potatoes kind of family, so gravy is like a Christmas and Thanksgiving thing. Not happening.

Hmm… Avocados.

Not his favourite thing in the world, but he was willing to try them. But he’s just a small fry, so he’s not going to down the whole avocado in one sitting. Maybe half.

So what am I going to do with all these extra halves of avocados? I tried throwing the diced pieces in a Rubbermaid and keeping them in the fridge. The result? Brown nasty chunks that were probably still good, but looked very unappetizing.

The internet suggested a few things to help preserve my little avocado halves:

  • Put lime/lemon juice or vinegar on the avocados to keep them greener
  • Keep it in the fridge
  • Keep the pit (or stone?) with the avocado to delay browning
  • Not salting the avocado until right before you plan to eat it
  • Covering it with plastic wrap


Make guacamole for Mommy & Daddy.

That’s my great idea.

Because its healthy!

Try it. You’ll love it.

My In-Laws’ Guacamole Recipe

  • 1 avocado
  • 1 tbsp vinegar
  • 1 to 3 tbsp diced/minced onion
  • dash of salt

Directions: Mash ingredients together. Eat. Repeat.


See? I told you, you’d like it! You could even skip a step and just make guacamole for the baby to eat/share. Done and done.

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Talk to you soon,

Penny and Andg

Smart, thrifty, baby cuddling mama/papa seeks comfortable carrier to hold baby, go lots of places, and wash easily. Preference given to carriers that are not the most expensive of the world.

Does this sound like you? Then I have a response that you’re gonna love.

You see this? This exceptionally long piece of fabric? Its gonna change your life. Not in a E-Harmony, my life is complete now, change your life. More of a baby-lugging, wallet-saving life.

Let me explain…

Required Items:

  • Very Sharp Scissors
  • Exceptionally long fabric (At least 5 yards (15 feet) though I think an extra yard would have made it easier for Mr. Man to use)
  • A friend with a discount card for fabric for extra savings(or maybe you are this person already, then nix that step)
  • A friend who has a baby in some form (or maybe  you don’t have a friend to share with, or maybe you want two carriers for yourself, or… you get the picture)
  • Instructions

I could not find the cotton knit with curling edges that the instructions suggested, mainly because I am helpless in a fabric store. BUT I did find a lightweight cotton-type material that curled on the edges (read: does not need to be hemmed). Mr. Man says it looks like the inside of his gym shorts. I said I didn’t care, because all the little holes make it way cooler than a jersey-type wrap. That’s what I said anyways, I have no proof either way. But once we bought the material we simply cut it in half lengthwise so we had two long-narrowish (about 30 inches a piece actually) pieces of fabric and we were done.

Yes, that’s it.

Ok, maybe wash it too.

Especially if your baby likes to suck on everything like mine does.

If you have 2 and a half minutes, 3 minutes if you’re a slow cutter and $20 (less if you are a better dealfinder when it comes to fabric) and you have a completely functional and super comfortable baby wrap. Perfect for schlepping that darling little one from here to there and back again. If you get a nice manly colour, then you can pawn baby off on daddy when  you are schlepping around together.


If this is your first time using a non-structured wrap, PLEASE make sure you are tying your wrap correctly before putting baby in it. There are lots of tutorials and instructions online. You can just youtube videos of the different ‘carries’ or if you are a visual/text learner like me, I found Wrap Your Baby was excellent for a step-by-step guide for tons of different carries.

Try it, see if it works for you, love it, report back.

Bacon. It is a foundational food in our home. Not that we eat it all that often…if every day is not that often. Just kidding 🙂 not that often at all. But bacon is one of those lovely little treats that make a weekend breakfast all the better or a Sunday evening dinner much more fun.

The thing I hate about bacon (and there aren’t many things!) is the mess it makes when you fry it. Bacon grease splatters everywhere. You get little pock marks on your arms from bacon burns. Your stove top becomes a slimy, greasy, splattered mess. Seeing as we don’t have a butler we have to clean it ourselves. It takes some of the fun out of bacon.

Have you ever seen the episode from NBC’s The Office where Michael burns his foot in his George Foreman grill? It is classic. I watch it every time I need a little chuckle.

Michael’s Foot

And then when we were done laughing we thought “you know that’s actually not a bad idea.” Because we have a busy toddler running around we are obviously not going to set up the grill beside our bed so we can wake up to the fresh smell of bacon buuuuuut once we are up it all makes sense.

Just throw a couple (and of course I mean more than just 2!) of strips of bacon on your grill.

Clamp down the top.

Flip once in the middle to ensure even, yummy crispiness. And we love our bacon crispy…that’s how we do it!

And then sit down to a plate of evenly cooked, succulent bacon. Revelling in the fact that you don’t have a huge mess to clean up AND that most of the bacon grease has drained off. That makes bacon practically a carrot stick!

A Family Vacation

Our little family decided to go overnight camping.

Just the three of us.

To relax.

I can hear you laughing all the way over here.

Yes, I thought that I would relax by frantically buying groceries 45 minutes before I wanted to leave, doing laundry, rushing all over the house to get our stuff together, then trying to fit it all in our car (no more kids for us, they won’t fit!), so we can drive for 2 and a half hours (Google told us 90 minutes! They didn’t account for my lack of navigational skills apparently), during those two and a half hours Buddy Bear screamed like he was dying for a good 60 minutes, WITH.NO.BREAKS. And then we finally got to the camp site and we couldn’t setup our tent because there was approximately 62 bazillion feet of pure gravel/concrete/un-penetrable mass under the tent spot. Tempers flared. And then we had smores. For supper. And slept on the cold, hard, unforgiving ground that costs $25 dollars a night.

That’s my idea of a relaxing family vacation, how about yours?

I have learned many things from our little adventure. I will share several with you.

In list form of course.

I love lists. I may have said this 17 times before.

Its still true.

Because Buddy Bear is at/nearing the age where I need to be an intentional parent and not just a diaper-changer/milk-dispenser, this list will include a moral. Kind of like a fable, but without any talking foxes.

1. I am terrible at packing. For example, I planned to make breakfast burritos, but forgot the spatula for the scrambled eggs, salt & pepper and all the condiments for said burrito.

Morale of the story: Make a list and check it twice. Or delegate someone else to do the packing. Someone not in my family, because Mr. Man forgot the pillows…

2. Which brings me to my second point. You can never have too many diapers. This was our first overnight trip with Buddy Bear (I know, I like to make things hard on myself) so I wasn’t sure how many diapers I would need. So I packed 16 diapers for the less than 24 hours that we were going to be gone. I only changed Buddy Bear about 6 times. But those extra pre-folds I packed? They are excellent jack of all trades, because they  also served as makeshift pillows (not the best idea), impromptu diaper changing pads and even stood in as oven mitts (forgot those too).

Morale of the story: You can always use extra diapers, so bring ’em along.

3. Babies (at least my baby) love camping! So many things to see, smell and TASTE. At one point I had to dig a 1 inch rock out of Buddy Bear’s mouth because he thought it would taste good. But he thought everything else was absolutely fantastic!

Morale of the story: Next time bring a playpen to contain the little guy. Or just expect his diet to include more minerals…